Our Journey

Established in 2016, Nubian Seed™ (PTY) Ltd is a green beauty manufacturer and supplier of natural and organic skin and hair care products. Our products are made using raw plant based ingredients which are indigenous to the African continent. Nubian Seed™ skin and hair care range, is a reflection of the wonders of Africa’s bio diversity, as well as growing global interest in the use of natural, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced personal care products.

We are a proudly Botswana citizen and female –owned company. Founded by two sisters, our shared enthusiasm for holistic well-being is the motivating force behind the company’s mission to provide natural and organic products to all for use on their skin and hair.

Since being formed in August 2016, Nubian Seed is steadily positioning itself as a leading and trusted brand offering authentic natural & organic products. Our range of products includes 100% organic, natural cold pressed oils, natural butters, hand-made body butters, including body, lip & foot balms; sugar scrubs and more.

Since our very humble beginnings, we have been on a journey. We are proud to share some of the key milestones along the way.


Our Values


We are Eco Friendly
  • Our products do not contain parabens, sulphates or alcohol.
  • Our products are not harmful to the environment.
  • We use organic raw materials where possible.
  • Our products are not tested on animals.
  • We are carbon footprint friendly.
We Source Sustainably and Support Local Communities
  • We celebrate Africa’s diverse indigenous botanical kingdom.
  • We source our raw materials from local communities
  • We believe in supporting local
We are Passionate about Preserving Indigenous Knowledge & Creating Value

We use the plants that have been in use for centuries by local indigenous people of the various countries and traditions of Africa, for the benefit of skin, hair and environment.

Our Promise

Nubian Seed is an eco-friendly, green beauty brand. We take care to leave as small a footprint as possible by sourcing sustainably, using natural & organic ingredients, and using minimal packaging of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. We also source our products responsibly, in an effort to support the local communities from which we source our indigenous African raw ingredients.

Whats in a Name?

Our name Nubian Seed™ is a metaphor used as an expression of Africa’s wealth in heritage and resources.

Historically, Nubia was a region along the Nile River in what is today modern-day northern Sudan and southern Egypt, which dates back to as early as 5000BC. Nubia was the birthplace of Africa’s earliest and most powerful kingdoms, and its significance in the history of ancient civilization cannot be understated. Known for its deposits of gold, Nubia was a pivotal trade route for Egypt, providing access to luxury items such as ebony, ivory and incense.

The ‘Seed’ in Nubian Seed™ communicates the origins of our product offerings, communicating authenticity and creating a conscious comparison in the mind between Nubian Seed™ product offerings, and seeds of which all life is derived from.

Our products are a reflection of the best the continent has to offer. We are purist in nature, and strive to impart knowledge on the wonders of indigenous natural ingredients for healthy personal care.

Uplifting Communities

With plant based raw materials for use in green beauty cosmetics such as; Morula oil (internationally called Marula Nut Oil), Moretologa (Ximenia), Prickly Pear Seeds, Kgengwe (Kalahari melon); just to mention a few. Our mission is to sustainably source such raw materials, relative to our growth. Our vision is to have enough of an impact as we grow, to create an entire industry supply chain, allowing for people who live in the communities from
which we source our products to monetize on the green wealth surrounding them.