Luxurious and refreshing bath-time experience

Hotel Amenities

Every guest needs a relaxing, luxurious and refreshing bath-time experience during their stay at hotels and Nubian Seed natural amenities can deliver just that. Travelers today are in search of something different from what they have at home and our natural & organic products can give your guest that unique feeling of luxury. Conservation concerned travelers today, are opting to stay at places which are eco-friendly, in an effort to travel more sustainably, causing minimal impact to the environment. They also seek hotels with sustainable practices such as the use of non-toxic, natural hotel amenities. Nubian Seed is committed to providing high quality natural bath & body products. Our offering of these is not only 100% organic or natural but also uses using minimal packaging of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. Our hotel amenity range consists of 30ml Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion and Soap Bar uniquely formulated for your needs. White-labeling or standard label options are available.

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Natural, Non-toxic

Bath & body products

Only 100% organic

Spa Consultancy

Pamper your clients with the best that nature has to offer, partner with us to develop a line of Nubian Seed products specific for use in your spa. We are ready to formulate aromatherapy massage oils, face masks, body scrubs, cuticle oils, essential oils, face serums, foot balms, muscle rubs and so much more.

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