Corporate Gifts

Are you looking for a truly special and meaningful gift? Why not choose an all-natural, sustainable and eco-friendly gift for your clients, stakeholders, and employees. Nubian Seed offers a unique selection of gift sets consisting of 100% natural and body care products featuring indigenous oils from Botswana and throughout the African continent.

We choose eco-friendly packaging that will stand out and create special memory for any occasion. A Nubian Seed gift is the perfect way show that you care for the holistic well-being of your clients, and share in the vision of bringing Africa to their hearts.

Ingredients such as Morula, Moretologa (ximenia) and mongongo are all examples of seed and nut oils indigenous to Botswana, which we use to create our range of products. The inclusion of natural butters, essential oils and other oils indigenous to West, Southern and North Africa make for a range of products that is a representation of Africa’s biodiversity and how we tap in to it to create quality, natural personal care products.

Proudly Botswana

Nubian Seed™ is a proudly authorized user of the Brand Botswana Pride Mark. We utilize this mark in our marketing and positioning as a company whose products are 100% manufactured in Botswana by its female citizen owners and team at Nubian Seed.

Eco Friendly Packaging Options

Nubian Seed strives to choose eco-friendly and reusable gift packaging wherever possible. To this end, we have a selection of gift packaging options to accompany your selected gift hamper.

  1. Wooden Craft Boxes:

Handmade by a local manufacturer of all things-made-of-palate wood! Our use of these delightful eco-friendly wooden boxes for packaging of gifts is not only a demonstration of our adherence to eco-friendly practices; it is also a demonstration of our preference to collaborate with local suppliers.

Our craft wooden boxes are available in three different sizes to suit varied hamper sizes.

Special engraving of these these boxes, is the fact that they can be engraved on for branding

While we are able to customize gifts from our main range of products, we also have an exclusive gift hamper range of products.

We can help you think of a truly unique personalized gift set for your special person, for any occasion.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards in denominations of P 200, P 500 and P 1 000 are available